New Patient Registration

We welcome anyone to register with us who lives within the practice area - please check with the reception staff for details of the exact boundary, as we unfortunately cannot care for people who are outside this area. Sadly this also includes existing patients who move outside the area - our area is comparatively very large but we have to set limits, especially as we may need to visit you at home.

Registering is simple and involves completing a short form for the Health Authority and a health questionnaire. You will also be required to provide proof of residency (photo ID and a utility bill).

It helps us if you know the details of your existing GP and your NHS number. It can take several weeks for your notes to arrive from your home doctor, so please bring any relevant information with you. You will need to have an appointment with your new GP before you can receive any prescriptions.

We will endeavour to register you with the practitioner of your choice and we will give you an explanation if we are unable to comply.

You can hand in your completed registration forms between 10.30am - 12 noon or 2.00 - 4.00pm, or complete the form online below.

Repeat Medication

If you are on regular (repeat) medication, please supply us with a copy of your re-order slip from your previous practice.  This is important because it lists the name, strength and dose of the medication you are taking.  Our Practice Pharmacist will process your repeat medication and we aim to have this available for you to order within 4 weeks.  If you need your medication before this, please notify reception.  The pharmacist may call you to discuss your needs.

On-line Prescription Ordering

We use an on-line ordering system called  patient services which will enable you to order your repeat medication online.  You will also be able to view any upcoming appointments and also cancel them if they are no longer required.  Please complete the registration form provided for this.

Text Reminder Service

Dedridge Medical Group operates a text reminder service.  We will send reminders of any appointments you have with Doctors and Nurses in the practice to the mobile phone number you have provided to us.

You will also be able to cancel any appointments you no longer require by simply replying with the word CANCEL. If cancelling in this way, type only the word CANCEL, otherwise it will not be recognised.  There may be a rare occasion when you do not receive a reminder, this could be as a result of software updating and unfortunately we cannot avoid this.  As this is a reminder service you should not rely on this as a diary for your appointment.

Please be aware that your number will be registered on our system and we will send information to you in this way.  If you change mobile numbers, or pass your phone to another person, it is your responsibility to tell us, otherwise, that person may receive the information intended only for you to the mobile number you provided to us.

Younger people over the age of 12 may have reminders sent to their own mobile number if required, but we will ask for a personal number on reaching the age of 15 yrs. For younger children, the mobile number of the parent or guardian will be used as their contact number.

You may withdraw from this service at any time, please notify reception.


The following information can be found on your current medical card:

The following information can be found on your birth certificate

Help Us To Trace Your Previous Gp Health Records By Providing The Following Information

Do you help or support a relative, friend or neighbour, who due to an illness, disability or age cannot manage on their own? If so, you are a carer. Carers of West Lothian can offer support, information, advice and a listening ear to carers in the West Lothian area. Please ask at reception for a leaflet.

If you are from abroad
If you have served in the British Armed Forces
Voluntary Authorisation For Organ Or Tissue Donation

Notes on tissue - heart valves and corneas come under the 'heart' and 'eyes' boxes respectively so the 'tissue' box covers donating other types of tissue, such as your tendons.

Your consent to organ donation will be shared with NHS Blood and Transplant together with the information you have provided in Section 1 including your name, gender, date of birth address and CHI number. For more information on being an organ donor or privacy, please ask for the leaflet on joining the NHS Organ Donor Register or visit

How We Use Your Information

The information you have provided will be used by NHS Scotland to carry out its various functions and services including scheduling appointments, ordering tests, hospital referrals and sending correspondence.

Your information, including your name, gender, date of birth and address, will be passed to NHS National Services Scotland where it will be held on the Community Health Index (CHI). This information is used to register you with the GP Practice, transfer your medical records between GP practices in the UK, make payments to GP Practices for medical services provided, and to process and issue medical exemption certificates and entitlement cards.

NHS National Services Scotland shares information about you within NHSScotland to assist in the provision and improvement of NHS services and the health of the public. When we do this, we do it as described by NHS Scotland in the NHS Inform website under the “How the NHS handles your personal health information” section.

under the “How the NHS handles your personal health information” section. NHS Scotland is made up of various organisations such as NHS Health Boards, GP practices, the Scottish Ambulance Service or NHS National Services Scotland (the common name of the Common Services Agency for the Scottish Health Service). These organisations are individually responsible

Patient Declaration

This information can be provided in other languages and formats on request. The NHS inform helpline provides an interpreting service.

Medical History (for over 16's only)

Have any of your close relations (mother, father, brothers or sisters) had any of the following (if yes, what is their relationship to you?):

Past Illness (for over 16's only)
Females Only

Please indicate your usual average alcohol intake. (1 unit = 1 glass of wine or ½ pint of beer or single measure of spirit)

Interpretation Service
The following questions are for new patients under the age of 16

Birth History


Past Illness

Office Use Only
(you will sign this when you come in to the surgery after registration)

Privacy Protection

Information submitted through secure forms is used only for the purposes of processing your request. We may be in touch with you in relation to the information submitted.

All Information submitted through secure forms is secured with a private key and is accessed over a secure connection by nominated staff. We have a strict confidentiality policy.

This information is not shared with any third party organisations.

This information is retained for up to 28 days.

Learn more about our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. Should you have any concerns about sending your personal details using the web, please use one of the alternative methods offered by our organisation.

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