Children’s Physio Drop In

If your child is < 12 years old and you have concerns about their development, mobility or joints, please find info here about drop in clinics at St John’s Hospital.

Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)

CKD is often due to wear and tear of the kidneys which may be more common as we age. We diagnose this if there has been a dip in your kidney function (filtration rate – egfr) over a 3 month period, and also after excluding other causes e.g. medication.

In Lothian egfr is reported as > or < than 60. Stage 3 CKD is when your egfr is between 30 and 60 and is the most common. Current guidance for follow up recommends annual bloods and BP. A urine sample may be requested to check for protein leakage if your egfr falls further.

Please find more information about CKD here, including general lifestyle information also to support your kidney function – Chronic Kidney Disease or at Kidney Care UK.